No matter how old your vehicle may be, now is not too late to start maintaining it. The best way to extend your carlife is by staying up-to-date with car maintenance. Here are seven ways to extend your carlife and keep your car looking great and running well for years to come!

1. Drive carefully on the road.

One of the best things you can do to extend your car’s life is drive your car gently every day. Make sure to not accelerate too quickly when starting up your vehicle. This will help save your engine and keep it in good condition on the road.

2. Take care of your tires.

Keep your tires in good condition for longer by driving carefully and staying aware while driving. Watch the speed limits posted, and try to not stop or turn too sharply. Avoid hitting potholes and curbs when you can!

3. Buy good gas.

This may be a car maintenance tip you may have not thought of! But the quality of gasoline you put into your vehicle does matter. Make sure to find a gas station you can trust to have clean gas. If you are not sure, ask if they filter their gas and if they change pump filters regularly.

4. Clean the inside of your vehicle.

Cleaning the inside of your vehicle is just as important as the outside. So don’t forget to take care of your car mats, your dash, and window seals. If you have leather seats, make sure to remove dirt and to add a layer of leather protectant to avoid cracking.

5. Protect your car from the sun.

The sun can bring lots of damage to your vehicle over the years if not maintained well. The best way to protect your car paint from the sun is by covering it, either in a garage, or with a cover. Also, get regular car waxes to give an extra layer between the sun and your car!

6. Take care of your car fluids.

Make sure to get your regular car oil changed (per the schedule set forth in your car’s owner’s manual) to extend your carlife. Also check regularly on your coolant, brake fluid, and windshield fluid. If you don’t know how to do these steps, get to your local car repair shop for professional help.

7. Get your car repaired right away.

It can be tempting to wait for a more convenient time to get your car repaired when a problem arises. But to extend the life of your vehicle and avoid further issues, make sure to go right away to your local automotive shop. This will save you money and time in the future.

We hope these seven tips have helped you get an idea of how to take care of your vehicle and help extend your carlife. If you live in the Central Ohio area, we at Harris Automotive are here for all your car repair needs! Schedule an appointment with us today here:

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