Drivers have car starter issues more frequently than you might think. Most of this common issue is due to a lack of maintenance and frequent repair for older vehicles. There will be clear warning signs for a broken or bad car starter! Your car may let you know by not turning on at all or making multiple strange car noises as you drive. We wanted to give you five warning signs to look out for if you think your vehicle is having a car starter issue. The best thing to do is to take your time diagnosing it correctly, to the ability that you can, and take it into your local car repair shop.

1. Sounds Coming from Your Vehicle.

If you hear abnormal noises coming from your car, it’s best to pay close attention to where it’s coming from and what it sounds like. Use your ears and try to listen to see if it’s either a buzzing noise, whirring sound or more of a grinding noise. Also, pay attention to what your car sounds like when you start it up if it’s cooperating enough to start. Your car starter will most likely sound like a grinding noise when the starter drive gear is worn out or not working properly.

2. Smoke Is Coming Out.

We hope this warning sign gets your attention quickly on the road! This sign calls for immediate concern and repair. Make sure to pull over right away and get help as soon as possible. Smoke coming from your vehicle could be a sign that your starter circuit is bad or that too much power is being drawn through the electrical supply from your car starter.

3. Freewheeling.

A freewheel is a device in your car’s transmission that disengages the driveshaft from the driven shaft when the driven shaft rotates faster than the driveshaft. You will also hear a whining noise coming from the car starter without the engine cranking. If this happens, you will most likely need to replace your car starter right away. Find a local mechanic for the best quality car repair.

4. An Oil Soak.

Another clear warning sign that your car starter is bad or needs to be replaced is that your starter has an oil soak. Most of the time when this happens, your starter will not have a chance to run for very much longer. Since the starter is located near the bottom of your engine, it’s vulnerable for this kind of oil soak issue. Get a repair done right away to save what’s left of your car starter.

5. A Solenoid Malfunction.

What is your car solenoid anyways? Your vehicle’s solenoid allows an electrical current to travel from the battery to the starter. Without this key component, your car starter cannot work. If your car won’t shift or the engine won’t crank, there is probably a car starter issue taking place. This malfunction will need professional repair done as soon as possible to ensure the health of your starter and your vehicle.

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Like we said before, make sure to take your vehicle in right away if any of these five warning signs ring true to you! If you live in Central Ohio near Westerville or Blacklick, make sure to stop by our Harris Automotive Repair Shop. We are here to repair or re1place your car starter or any other repair you need. Make sure to check out all of our coupons in the Coupons tab above. We are happy to help you and your car with any maintenance car care as well. Check us out today!