Keep your car battery working great to avoid any car trouble this winter season! Car batteries are most likely to fail in the cold winter months because your battery is drained from all that summer heat. We at Harris Automotive have come up with some helpful precautions to help you keep your car battery running well. Type in auto car shops near me to visit your local mechanic! They will usually give you some helpful tips for this winter!

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-Get your car battery checked!

If you’ve never had your car battery checked, now is the time to do so! The first step is to get your battery checked when it starts to get cold out. Older car batteries have a higher chance of failing when it gets cold out. Visit us at Harris Automotive in Central Ohio while your in the area. Or type in auto car shops near me to get your battery tested! Many auto care shops will do this free of charge like our Harris Automotive shop!

-Know your vehicle!

Have a new vehicle? Make sure, after getting your battery checked, that you get more knowledge about your specific car if you haven’t already! If you know how your car works than the more you will know how to take care of it in every situation. Know what your specific car’s battery life is like and how to replace it! Search for auto care shops near me! Talk to your local mechanic for information about your specific car battery!

-Be prepared!

You never know what will happen during the unpredictable months of winter! Be prepared with everything your car may need in the worst possible situation. Keep an emergency car kit in your trunk with jumper cables, blankets, a spare tire, a flashlight with batteries, and a first aid kit. In addition, collect anything else you think you may need. ALWAYS keep your phone with you and fully charged when it’s possible!

-Get a NEW car battery!

Lastly, update your vehicle with a new car battery if you have an older vehicle! This is necessary for those of you who live in a state with hazardous winter conditions! Find the right type of car battery to make sure your car will start due to the winter conditions.

The average car battery life is up to 4-5 years and costs around $80-160. Get a great working car battery with an easy fix and smart update to get for your vehicle this winter! Stay safe on the roads this winter with everything you need to always be prepared.

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