Have you ever been driving and felt like your car couldn’t stop shaking? Maybe it only shakes when you drive above 50 mph? Well, no one likes driving in these circumstances, and it certainly does not help you to feel safe while driving! Your car should be able to drive smoothly and consistently on the road. So, here are three of the top reasons why your vehicle may be shaking on the road. These indications may help you solve the issue of car shaking and get your vehicle back into tip-top shape.

1. Your tires!

When your car starts shaking excessively, the most common reason for car shaking is an issue with your tires! The steering wheel of your vehicle will begin to shake if your tires are out of balance. You will begin to notice that it starts shaking at 50-55 mph. It may be okay at a lower or higher mph, but make sure to get those tires balanced as soon as possible for your tires’ sake.

2. Check your brake rotors!

Car shaking issues can also be caused by worn-out brake rotors or brake pads. A good indication of this is that your car begins to shake when you put your foot on the brake. You could have “out of round” brake rotors. If you are not sure which it is, check with your local automotive repair shop. They will be able to help you indicate what needs attention and fix the annoying shaking issues.

3. Suspension system malfunction

The last issue we wanted to mention is a suspension system malfunction. Your vehicle could be experiencing shaking issues due to a fault with your car’s suspension system or, specifically, your bushings. Your vehicle will begin to shake when the bushings of your tire rods, spindles, or control arms are worn out. Use a flashlight to check and see if this is the root issue. Check for cuts, frays, pinching, or excess grease. Also check to see if your bushings are pushed out of their bracket.

We hope these tips have helped you locate what your car shaking issues are. If not, feel free to reach out to your local mechanic or repair shop! Find someone you can trust to look at your vehicle to get this shaking issue resolved and get you smooth sailing on the road again. Have other car issues? Check out our other Harris Automotive repair blog posts to find more advice for seasonal car maintenance and repair, car tips, and more!

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