Buying a used car is a great alternative option with the high prices of a brand new vehicle and the quick depreciation rate! Many unpredictable things may happen to an older or well used car. So it’s important you find a dealer you can trust. Buying a vehicle with hidden damages that cost you later is not fun at all! You don’t want to constantly be searching online for a car repair near me. So before going out and looking, research what you need to look for in a good running car. Here are 10 tips that will help you make a great choice. We want to help you make sure you get a great running vehicle that will last for years to come!

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1.Get a car inspection before purchasing

Find a local car repair shop or mechanic near you to get a full car inspection! This is probably the best thing to do to make sure you get a good running used car. Make sure your local mechanic is someone recommended from friends or family and has great reviews. You want to make sure they are someone you can trust and knows what their talking about! This will save you so much money down the road and ensure that you know what you’re getting for your money.

2. Consider buying from a car dealership

Although buying from a private owner may be a better deal, buying from a car dealership has its perks. Used cars with a dealership go through a full inspection unlike private owners who are not even requires to get a car inspection. This may be something to consider looking more into!

Here is a great article to read more about purchasing from a dealer or private owner:

3. Go for a test drive

Now if you have had many vehicles in your lifetime, you know what a good car drives like! So make sure you test drive the car you are interested in before purchasing. This will also determine if you even like the way it drives! Make sure to do this step before searching for car repair near me and getting an inspection! You may change your mind and eliminate the step of inspection. Some cars drive smoother than others and some drive a little rougher. Finding a used car that has good driving visibility might be something you are looking for as well!

4. Look at the exterior!

While the condition of the interior of a used car is important, the exterior can tell you a lot more about the condition of the vehicle! Look out for things like rust, dents, and leaking. Turn on the car and check how it sounds and that there are no unusual sounds coming from the vehicle. Let it run for at least 30 seconds to get a good look!

5. Research the average price of the car

Get a good idea of the average price range of the car you are looking at purchasing. Doing this will help you eliminate the too good to be true deals that can often be a scam. If a car is placed ridiculously low, often times this will be because of major issues with the vehicle. Do your research and find a realistic deal!

If you are searching for a car repair near me, here in the Columbus, oh area, we would love to do a car inspection for you! Our team of experts are here for all your auto repair needs!

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