If you need car repair Columbus drivers trust, come on down to Harris Automotive Repair!

We know everything there is to know about vehicles, and we work hard to keep your car in good condition. We also believe in helping our clients take great care of their cars. Here are some of our tips for making your car last longer.

1. Change your oil regularly — and use the right oil

Oil changes are such a basic maintenance tip, we know—but perhaps because they’re so routine, they tend to slip drivers’ minds. Whether you do it yourself, however, or bring your car into a reliable car repair Columbus shop like ours, it’s important! Also, make sure you’re using the right oil for your car and current driving conditions.

2. Inspect your tires regularly

Some flat tires are unavoidable—you drive over a nail, etc.  But sometimes an “unexpected” flat could have been avoided by checking your tires for wear and tear. Don’t forget to take a look at your tires regularly!

3. Maintain your brakes

Keeping your brakes maintained by a good car repair Columbus mechanic is critical! It doesn’t just prolong the life of your car. It also makes driving safer.

4. Change your air filters annually

It’s also important to visit your car repair Columbus automotive shop to have your air filters changed every year. So often a pesky check engine light is due to an air filter that’s overdue for a replacement.

5. Maintain your battery

Avoid being stranded and hoping for a jump start by maintaining your battery. When you take your car into your car repair Columbus shop for any sort of repair or maintenance, you can always ask to have your battery tested.  It’s a quick way to avoid a major inconvenience down the road!

Harris Automotive is just what you are looking for when it comes to car repair in Columbus. With a 96.7% satisfaction rating, we are proficient in handling different makes and models of both domestic and international cars. We are full-service auto repair establishment with a fabulous customer service. Please get in touch with us for more details.