Fall is here, and that means winter is right around the corner! Get all your car heater problems fixed before the winter breezes get here. If your car is experiencing heater issues, there could be multiple components involved. It could have to do with your thermostat, rust, blower fan issues, or even a leak in your cooling system. We will go over how to look out for each of these signs and how they affect your car heater. Stay warm this fall and coming winter with a car heater that is ready to face the cold and keep you and your passengers warm all season long!

-A bad thermostat

If you are having car heater problems, you could have a bad thermostat. Your car thermostat is responsible for regulating the flow of the coolant throughout the engine. If your temperature gauge is reading really high within the first 15 minutes of your vehicle running, it’s most likely not working properly. Or if the temperature fluctuates rapidly all the time, your thermostat is likely not working correctly. With a bad thermostat, your car heater cannot work because it’s not allowing the engine to warm up properly.

-Rust in your heater core

Another reason your car heater could not be working is due to rust inside the heater core. Rust can gradually build up inside your vehicle when coolant is contaminated. Then it blocks your heater core and cannot circulate air into the inside of your car correctly. Rust is a fairly easy thing to get out of your heater core with the proper car service from a mechanic you trust.

-The blower fan is not working

Is your car heater blowing cold air instead of the warm temperature you’re wanting? In this case, your blower fan is not working the way it should. Reasons your blower fan could be malfunctioning could be due to connecting issues like a lack of coolant, a water leak, or clogged/broken heating controls. If it’s the fan itself, it could be due to a faulty switch or resistor that controls the fan speed. Whatever it is, your local automotive repair shop will be able to help resolve the simple issue.

-A leak in the cooling system

Lastly, your car heater could not be functioning correctly due to a leak in your cooling system. Leaks can happen in multiple ways. One way could be due to a hole in your car radiator. Other ways are you have a leaky radiator cap, a leaky gasket, or even a split/broken hose within your car system. Get to your local mechanic right away to properly identify the issue so you can be back on the road in no time!

We hope these problem areas we’ve talked about helping you identify the issue before you get to your mechanic. This will help them quickly resolve the issue and get you your warm air back for these cold fall/winter seasons. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather this weekend, and stay warm!