Getting your car headlights fixed can be tricky if you do not know what the root issue is! There are a lot of different ways that your headlights can fail. Headlight technology can be tricky to understand, so we have come up with some possible issues you may be having and how to know if this could be the same thing going on with your car headlights!

How do my car headlights work?

Before we jump into some possible issues your vehicle could be having, maybe you’re wondering how your car headlights actually work. Your headlights include a couple of basic components, including your bulbs, fuses, relays, and a switch. Some cars may have more, but these are the most common elements. So when you turn on your car headlights, a switch will activate a relay. This relay gives an electrical connection between your car headlights and battery. Your fuses are the elements that protect the rest of the wiring. You also will have a relay for your high beams. This is just some basic knowledge to have when it comes to the mechanics of your headlights.

What is the most common reason for car headlight issues?

The most common reason for car headlight issues is simply because of a burned-out bulb! Bulb replacement is an easy fix with the help of your local mechanic or auto shop! Make sure and check if one or both of your headlights need bulbs.

Only one headlight working? Or both not working?

Once you notice an issue with your vehicle’s headlights, make sure to check both headlights! If you have only one headlight working properly, it’s most likely a burned-out bulb. Now, if you have both headlights out, it’s usually not the bulbs. Other issues could be a fuse, relay issues, or headlight circuit issues. Visit your local automotive repair shop to find a quick solution.

Are your headlights dim?

So, maybe your headlights are not completely out! If you’ve noticed a slight dimness of your lights, here is what could be wrong. If your car lightbulbs have not been replaced in way too long, this could be the simple issue! You may also have dirty, oxidized, or foggy headlights. Try cleaning them out, and if that doesn’t work, you may have an oxidation issue due to water intrusion.

Should I bring my car to my mechanic or fix it myself?

We ALWAYS suggest you bring your car issues to a professional for the absolute best results! Mechanics will know the best way to go about repairing your headlights and any other issues. Plus, you can count on them to let you know if anything else is wrong with your vehicle that you would not have otherwise have noticed. Its best to keep a good, ongoing relationship with your car mechanic!

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