Your car’s electrical system plays an important role in how well your vehicle runs! Your vehicle’s electrical system consists of many components and controls things from your windows and mirrors to the starting of your engine and charging your devices. It can be quite difficult to pinpoint what the electrical issue is, so here are some common issues drivers face today. These are some of the top electrical problems drivers have and what kind of car electrical repair you may need.

1. A bad alternator

One of the top electrical car issues is a bad alternator. Your car alternator is what charges your battery and powers your electrical system when the engine is running. This car electrical repair is vital to get because a bad alternator will prevent the battery from recharging. A sign that you have a bad alternator is dimmed headlights when you are driving on the road.

2. Dead bar battery

This is one of the most common car electrical issues drivers have. This issue is not hard to spot because your vehicle’s engine will not turn over when you turn your key. Other components may still work, though, including your car lights. A dead car battery is an easy fix. Just a jump start is needed, and you should be good to go!

3. Spark plug issues

If your car is lurching or idling rough, you may have a loose or dirty spark plug in need of replacement. A spark plug issue is a car electrical issue that can affect how your car drives. Talk to your mechanic to get a car electrical repair for this issue right away.

4. A blown fuse

This is another common car electrical issue you may face. A blown fuse is a quick sign that you are in need of a car electrical repair! Make sure you check with your local mechanic to make sure this is the problem before replacing.

5. Battery cables need replaced

Another reason your car may not be working or starting is your battery cables. Your vehicle’s battery cables are important to your electrical system, as they are what directly connect your battery to your electric system. You may have corrosion on your battery terminals, or there is no power at all to your vehicle.

What to do next?

These issues may seem overwhelming in the moment, but they are quickly and easily fixed when taken to the professionals! All of these car electrical issues do matter and need to be repaired for your car to run and run well. See us today at Harris Automotive if you are in the Central Ohio area! We would love to help you solve all these issues and get you back on the road in no time.

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