We all know the major car maintenance checks like the regular oil change, tire maintenance, and brake inspection. But there are some items you may have overlooked! All of us forget about car items that aren’t as common, so we have gathered some you may not be aware of. Don’t forget to add these five car maintenance items listed below to your regular car care routine!

1. Power steering fluid

You may want to check your power steering fluid reservoir to see if it has the proper amount. Or that it is not leaking! Usually, the reservoir is a plastic see-through container. The power steering fluid keeps your car steering wheel easy to move, so make sure to keep up with this simple check. You can check your owner’s manual for a recommended date to change it, but some may not have this listed. If not, keep a personal car care checklist to keep your car running well.

2. Drive belts

Get your drive belts checked every time you get a regular oil change! Save your car from a major repair down the road by keeping up with your car’s drive belts. A drive belt allows the engine to run well to drive parts such as the water pumps, air conditioning compressors, power-steering pumps, and alternators. If you need a belt replacement, they are usually very inexpensive to replace.

3. Headlight maintenance

Don’t forget to check your headlights’ brilliance around the recommended time for your light type. Many will last up to 90,000 miles, but this varies with the type of headlight bulb you choose. Adding this to your car care routine will give you peace when driving at night and on road trips.

4. Motor mounts

Motor mounts support and stabilize your car’s engine and can come loose or even break over a long period of time. If your car is experiencing lots of shaking or noise, it may be an indicator that your motor mount needs some extra attention. Add this easy fix to your yearly car care routine as well!

5. Battery Terminals

Last but not least—battery terminals! Not checking your battery terminals can lead to a complete breakdown due to how vital your car battery is for your car to keep running. Battery terminals are the electrical contacts used to connect a charger to your single cell or multiple cell car battery. If you see any corrosion at all, visit your local car repair shop for replacement right away to protect the life of your car battery!

Maybe these are parts you have never thought to check in your vehicle. That’s okay; start now! Preventative car care will prolong the life of any vehicle and keep you safe on the road. Come out and see us at our Harris Automotive car repair shops if you live in the Central Ohio area.

Our mechanics would love to help you with any of your car repair needs and answer your car maintenance questions or concerns!

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