What do you do when your car accelerator is acting up and doesn’t work properly? There could be multiple problem areas inside your vehicle that could be causing this issue. We wanted to give you some knowledge about how your car accelerator actually works and why you may be experiencing bad acceleration. Here is everything you need to know to understand how your car gets moving and how to keep it that way.

How does your car’s accelerator work?

The way your car gets moving involves multiple working parts inside your vehicle. The first step of car acceleration is the throttle to the engine. Your throttle pedal is connected straight to your car’s engine and controls the airflow in the throttle body for fuel injection. Then it’s met with a spark (such as fire) and enables the engine’s piston to move down to rotate the crankshaft. When your throttle pedal gets closer to the floor, more air is sucked in to rotate the crankshaft faster. These functions allow you to accelerate on the road.

How do you know it’s an acceleration problem?

If your vehicle is starting roughly, hesitates, or doesn’t get up to speed the way it usually does, these are all signs of bad acceleration.

-Your spark plugs!

This is the first thing you could check when experiencing bad acceleration. Your car’s spark plugs spark to ignite the air and fuel after they have been mixed together. Your car’s engine cannot work the way it is designed to if these functions do not work properly. This will cause your car not to accelerate as well.

-Fuel system issues

Another reason you could be experiencing bad acceleration is your fuel system. Your fuel system is responsible for supplying fuel to your engine. Common issues related to this could be a bad fuel injector, fuel pump, or a leaking fuel line.

-Throttle position sensor malfunction

If your throttle position sensor malfunctions, your engine speed will not be controlled by the accelerator pedal. Your engine speed will increase or decrease without pressing or depressing the pedal.

These are just a couple of issues that could be affecting your vehicle’s acceleration. If you have trouble pinpointing the issue of your car accelerator, don’t be afraid to take it in right away to your local automotive repair shop! This will ultimately save your car from further damage and get your car back into tip-top shape on the road.

Take your car for repairs

Take your vehicle to the professionals at your nearest car repair shop! If you are not sure why your car accelerator is not working properly, they will be able to help answer all of your questions. Even if you pinpoint what’s wrong, make sure to double-check with them.

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