We all automatically use our car brakes in everyday life, but what about your parking brake? Unlike the front and rear car brakes, this one is most oftentimes used manually. If you live in the lovely area of San Francisco or somewhere with tons of hills, you may be more aware of your parking brake than the normal driver. This is a part of the overall braking system! It’s connected to your rear brakes and was created mainly to take over if your other brakes fail. In this blog, we will talk about all the ways to use them.

Where is the parking brake?

There are four types of parking brakes total, and they are usually located in a similar area within your vehicle.

  1. Center Lever – This type is located between the two front seats near the center console of the vehicle.
  2. Foot Pedal – This type is located on the floor of your vehicle, to the left of the other pedals.
  3. Stick Lever – This type is normally in older vehicles and is located on the instrument panel.
  4. Push Button – This type is found in new vehicles and is located on the console with the other controls.


When do you use your parking brake?

Most drivers use their parking brake when parked on an incline or decline. Some people say to use your parking brake everywhere you park to be safe, but mostly when you are on some sort of hill. Your parking brake is so necessary for the safety of those around you. Without using it on a hill or somewhere similar, you chance your car rolling away and potentially injuring pedestrians nearby. If you’re not sure if there is an incline, be safe and put your parking brake on anyway. Better safe than sorry! Also, don’t forget to turn your parking brake off as well. Driving with it on will damage your brake pads and rotors.

Having parking brake issues?

There are multiple reasons your parking brake could be failing. If you’re experiencing signs like not having a proper hold or it’s not turning on, it may need adjusting, replaced, or simply repaired. Find a local mechanic near you to figure out your specific car’s need. To keep your parking brakes in great condition, get them checked every other engine oil change! They can inspect them to see if there are signs of damage or wear. Brakes are something you don’t want to cheap out on.

Get a full brakes inspection!

We at Harris Automotive, located in Central Ohio, have a full brakes inspection service for you! Our team of mechanics provides top-notch services for great prices. If you simply want a brake inspection, call or come into our shop today to set up an appointment. We would love to help you pinpoint the brake issue you’re experiencing and ensure your safety with quality brake services.

We hope this blog gave you more insight and knowledge of what a parking brake does and when it’s necessary to use. Have a great week!