Brake repair in Westerville Ohio “simplified” Harris Automotive is the preferred  professional provider of affordable quality brake repair in Westerville Ohio. We service all makes and models of cars, trucks & motorcycles. If it’s motorized and has to stop we service it.

Harris Automotive is known as the most affordable provider of brake repair in Westerville Ohio. We believe that quality service and exceptional value should be delivered in the most cost effective means possible to our customers. Getting brake pads and rotors serviced on your vehicle, car, truck or motorcycle should not be a bank breaking event.

Quality Brake Repair In Westerville Ohio

We’ve been providing brake repair in Westerville Ohio since may of 2011.  Our customers routinely tell us that our prices and level of service are significantly better than other providers in the Westerville, Columbus and surrounding areas. We don’t tell you this here to gloat but rather to encourage you to check it for yourself. Our Facebook page is full of customer testimonials.

We perform a comprehensive inspection on your entire brake system and surrounding components. If we see anything that needs attention we’ll bring it to your attention. We check your brake pads  for excessive wear, rotors for signs of stress cracks  and wear as well as brake calipers, brake lines, wheel cylinders, and proper emergency brake function to name just a few items.

Affordable Brake Repair In Westerville Ohio

Our goals are really very simple and that is to provide affordable brake repair in Westerville Ohio.