Are you looking to buy a new vehicle as this new school year starts? Most of us purchase a car in high school and it will last all the way through our college years! For some of us, we’re lucky enough that it does, while others of us have to invest a bit earlier. Here are some easy car buying tips that will help you find a good deal on a good quality car that will last from your local automotive shop. This way, you can focus on school and not have to worry about touching your budget and constantly fixing it!

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#1 – Buy your car from a dealer!

While working and trying to fit in all your schoolwork, as a college student, you do not have a ton of extra time! Buying from a dealership can be a lot quicker and easier, with all the paperwork ready and done by them. There are many other perks, like the legal protection you will get for your vehicle and great financing options. You also have the option, while purchasing through a dealership, of a Certified Pre-owned car, which is less likely to have problems. There are benefits to purchasing from both dealerships and private owners, but as a college student, this is the option we suggest. Come and visit our automotive shop, Harris Automotive, here in Central Ohio! We offer full service repair for anything you may need after purchasing your new vehicle!

#2 – Find a used vehicle!

If you can afford to buy a brand-new car as a college student, that’s great! For most of us, finding a decent priced car with low mileage is a top priority. Getting a used car is the best option for finding a good deal. To find an average price range for a used car, search for a vehicle that is at least a couple of years old. Having reliable transportation is the most important thing as a college student, so take your time and do your research! Don’t forget to check and repair your tires, along with your vehicle, at your local automotive shop. This is a great way to update your used vehicle without paying a crazy amount of money!

#3 – Pay up front!

If you have the ability to pay up front, pay cash! When you finance a car, you pay more in the long run. If you can’t pay all cash right away, consider holding off until you can get a good amount saved up! If you need a car right away, put down as much cash as you can and finance the rest through your dealership or personal bank.

#4 – Get feedback from people you know!

Ultimately, the best thing you can do before purchasing a long-lasting car is to make sure it’s reliable. Before purchasing your car, find people you know who have owned the same or similar vehicle! This will give you an idea of how long they last and how they do on the road. You can also find reviews online and reliable websites to get good feedback.

These are some great tips to find the best deals for your budget as a college student! Finding a reliable car can be tough, but once you do, it will save you time and money. Once you find your vehicle, make sure to make it last by going to your local automotive shop. If you are located here in Central Ohio, come and see us at our Harris automotive shop! Our team of professionals provides full repair service with great prices.

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