Are you planning on taking a road trip this summer? Want to make sure your car is road trip ready? Here are some auto service tips to make your trip smooth and keep your car in great condition! It’s bad enough when you have car trouble in your own neighborhood, but you definitely don’t want to have car trouble in a state you are unfamiliar with. Leave your home with peace of mind, knowing you’re prepared and can relax on your vacation.

Change your oil and filter! Changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most important things you can do for your car. We suggest that you change your oil every 5,000 miles. This will keep your car running smoothly and more effectively. So plan on getting your oil changed at your local Auto Service repair shop! If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area, stop by our Harris Automotive repair shop!

Check your tires! Double check that your tire pressure is at the proper level, and try not to over inflate. Also, don’t forget to make sure you bring a spare tire. You never know when you will need it! We at Harris Automotive give tire replacements if you are in need of this before your trip as well. Stop by your local Auto Service repair shop if you need assistance!

Fill up your wiper fluid! This may seem not as vital, but it is! You don’t want to not be able to see out of your own window and have to stop every hour to wash your windshield. This will save you a lot of stops!

We will do this for you, and we offer many more types of auto service, like air conditioning repair, brake repair, engine services, belt services, and much more.

This is a great guide to start prepping your car for a summer road trip! Now you are set and ready to pack up and go! If you need any other car updates and repairs, stop by our Auto Service repair shops located in Westerville and Blacklick, Ohio. We are an Auto Service you can trust with 96.7% of our customers saying they would refer us to their friends and family!

Our automotive shop provides a full service all-in-one convenient stop! We take quality and customer service seriously with our team of professionals. We service all makes and models, both domestic and foreign. WE DO NOT DO COLLISION REPAIR OR BODY DETAILING. As a NAPA AutoCare Center, we follow the strict code of ethics, allowing customer to know what they’re getting up front!

When searching for an Auto Repair near me, stop by one of our locations here in Central Ohio. We have two locations located in Blacklick and Westerville!