Taking proper care of your vehicle will help keep it looking shiny and new! Who wants a well running car without the polished look on the outside? We at Harris Automotive know what it takes to keep a car running great and looking good as well! Putting in a little bit more effort and time every couple of months will be worth it in the end. So we have created some easy tips to help you get started if you’re looking for Auto Repair New Albany!

Looking for Auto Repair New Albany? Stop by our Blacklick or Westerville Locations.

Tip ONE: Keep it in your garage! If this is an option for you, this will save your car. A lot of wear and tear of the exterior of a vehicle has to do with the amount of moisture it receives. After years of this moisture building up, the paint will eventually start to wear. This will also cause discoloration of your headlights over time. If you don’t have the perk of storing your car in a garage, a great alternative is using a car cover! Come by our Westerville or Blacklick shop today if your headlights need replaced or if you need any other automotive services. We offer full body service, including brakes, engine services, tire replacements, oil changes, and more!

Tip TWO: Tint your windows! This is an easy fix to ensure that your car will last and look new for years to come! Window tint blocks all of the UV rays that hit your window and reduces glare. This is a simple way to keep out all of the heat from inside your car and to keep your passengers cool. We offer air conditioning repairs if you’re looking for Auto Repair New Albany. Our team will do a cooling system diagnostic for you as well.

Tip THREE: Wax your car regularly! You should typically wax your car every four months to keep it shiny and fresh looking. The polish will renew the look of your paint and keep a protective layer on your car. This is an easy step to do right in your own driveway! All you need is car wax, a poly foam wax applicator, and a microfiber towel. All of these should get the job done in no time!

You are ready to go! These are three really easy steps to take to maintain the exterior of your car. Keeping your vehicle’s exterior looking new is important and necessary for a car to last! We at Harris Automotive have all the services you need to keep your car running good as well. Our Auto Repair New Albany staff are described as “knowledgeable and friendly staff” and “always feels like you’re getting personable service.” We love getting to know our customers and are willing to help answer any questions you may have about your vehicle. So don’t hesitate to stop in today!

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