Now, we all have dealt with this one, especially those of us with older vehicles! If you deal with rust early, you can stop it from eventually spreading throughout your vehicle. Repairing rust spots doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are some ways to remove rust from your car and also prevent it this winter! This will save you money on having to get completely new auto parts down the road! So here we go!

Get paint supplies for your auto parts!

You can be sure to spend at least one hundred dollars on all of the paint supplies needed to repair your car’s rust! This may include things like sandpaper, primer, a polishing compound, touch-up paint, clear coat, masking tape, and maybe a few other items you prefer. You can get your paint either in a can or use a roller applicator! If you have a larger rust spot repair, an aerosol spray will do the trick! Find your car’s manufacturers paint code to find the PERFECT color match! This code can be found in different auto parts of your vehicle. Find it under your hood, trunk, or on the body of your car. Click here to find your vehicle’s paint color.

Prep your vehicle!

To prepare your car before starting on the rust area, tape the areas around it with some poly sheeting! This will be sure to protect your car from over spraying on areas and paint spreading in unwanted areas. Now, your car is ready for sanding and cleanup!

Remove the rust!

Here is a step-by-step process on how to remove the rust with all of your supplies:

  1. Sand off the rust down to the bare metal of your auto parts with a 40-grit sand paper (scrape off any blistered paint, if needed, beforehand).
  2. Leave room around the edges to feather out around the area with sandpaper.
  3. Use an epoxy primer, spray about 2 or 3 coats, leaving time in between to dry.
  4. Then use a couple of heavy coats of regular filler primer.
  5. Now, use regular car paint by spraying a couple of light coats over the area.
  6. Once the paint is completely dry, spray the clear coat on.
  7. Allow it to dry for a couple of hours before driving or touching up anymore.

Prevent rust on your car!

Once rust starts on your car, it can easily spread. To prevent rust from building up on your car auto parts, regularly wash and wax your vehicle! Make sure in the wintertime to rinse off all of the salt that gets built up as well. Lastly, check your vehicle’s drain plugs on the inside of your car doors. Blocked drain plugs allow your car to collect water, which can cause rust.

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