We hope your summer is off to a great start! Are you stressing over the air conditioning of your car not working correctly or efficiently? Let’s talk about all the reasons you could be experiencing less than what you are expecting out of your car’s air conditioning. No one likes sweating all summer long in their car, especially on long road trips and with all the kids. You should be able to enjoy your summer with cool air and a properly working car air conditioning system. Here are some tips to diagnosing what the real problem of your car’s air conditioning is.

-Is it blowing air at all?

If your car isn’t blowing air out at all, cold or hot, your ventilation system is most likely not working. This is typically a lengthier car repair process if your vents are not working at all. When your vents stop working, circulation cannot be made properly inside your vehicle. This leaves you relying on the air outside to bring some sort of relief, and in humidity or heat, it’s not pleasant. Some common reasons your vents are not working could be due to a blown fuse, a damaged blower motor, clogged air intake, a broken hose, or more. Find a trusted automotive repair shop near you to get a specific diagnosis for your car’s air conditioning system.

-Cool but not cold enough?

So maybe the air is coming out of your vents, but the air coming out is not as cold as you would like. This issue of not cold enough air could be due to a clogged cabin air filter or something is up with your compressor. Another reason for this issue could be due to a leak. A leak is the most common issue that comes up for most air conditioning repairs. Get your car looked at by a professional to get your vehicle’s full cool air capacity up to tip-top shape.

-Does it have a weird smell?

Another issue that could be preventing you from even wanting to turn your air conditioning on is a bad smell! We don’t blame you for wanting to keep it turned off. Most times, this could be because of mold or bacteria inside your vents. If it smells like mildew, it’s due to a bacterial growth inside your air system. This is most common with older cars and when air conditioners are not used for long periods of time.

You could also be smelling gas, and you would know by the strong, distinct smell. This is most likely due to a gas leak and needs diagnosing right away. Check your exhaust pipe and muffler to see if any holes are present. You may also want to take a good look inside your car engine and let the professionals take care of the rest.

-How much are car air conditioning repairs?

This is the golden question when it comes to unwanted repairs. Don’t freak out; we are just giving you estimations. This could look different for anyone. For inspection, you will spend typically around 100-300 dollars for a good, lengthy inspection. For minor air conditioning repairs, it could cost from 150-700 dollars or more. Lastly, for major repairs or replacements, it could cost a couple of grand. So, don’t put off getting your car air conditioning inspected to prevent further damage and repair costs! Find someone you can trust to repair any minor conditions as soon as possible and get that cool air working again.

-Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Our Harris Automotive Repair shops here in Central Ohio have a full air conditioning repair service available. We know how much of a pain this repair can be as no one wants to drive in the summer heat with no cool air. Our team of mechanics perform top quality work and take their time to diagnose your vehicle properly and carefully. We can make sure to get your car recharged and ready to go!

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