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Tire Pressure

tire pressure low

Tire pressure is important to check especially as the seasons change from summer to fall and into winter. As you know as the seasons change so does outside air temperature which will affect tire pressure. Temperature swings can fluctuate 20 degrees or more in a 24 hr period. These temperature swings wreak havoc with tire pressure.

Tire Pressure Tips

A good rule of thumb is to check tire pressure at least once a month. If you can get into the habit of checking tire pressure once a week all the better. Tire pressure will fluctuate about 1 pound of air pressure for every 7 degrees in temperature drop. Unfortunately, as the outside air temperature increases the air pressure in your tires will not automatically restore to previous higher pressures. It’s not a linear process. This is why it’s important to check tire pressure regularly.

tire pressure gauge dial styleTires may not look or appear to be low on air pressure but in fact can be very low and with today’s tire styles looks can be very deceiving. The only way to know for sure is to check the air pressure with a Tire PressureTire Pressure gauge. Tire pressure gauges vary greatly in design, accuracy and functionality. The best tire gauge to get is a dial type or digital type. The pencil types (while maybe a little cheaper) can be very inaccurate as much as 10 to 15 psig off which is significant. So when it comes to tire pressure gauges you really do get what you pay for. Think of it like this: accurate air pressure in your tires equates to money in your pocket.

Tire Pressure & Your Money

Here’s why: Improperly inflated tires will cause you to spend more money in gasoline at the pump. Your vehicle has more rolling friction with under-inflated tires, causing the engine to use more gasoline to move the vehicle over a given distance. Don’t believe it? Try putting your car in neutral with the engine off and push your car by hand (on a flat paved surface) with the air pressure in your tires at 15 psi and then repeat with your tires at 34 psi and then you’ll know why the vehicle is much harder to move with 15 psi in the tires VS 34 psi. You’ll be working much harder (using more energy) trying to push the car with a 15 pound tire pressure than you will pushing the car with 34 pound tire pressure. Likewise, your cars engine will use more energy when the tire pressure is at 15 pounds than it will at 34 pounds.

Improper tire pressure could end up costing you several hundred dollars a year in fuel costs alone not to mention abnormal tire wear and safety considerations. Tire replacement can be pricey depending on the tire and medical bills if a wreck is caused by low tire pressure. Low tire pressure can lower gas mileage by 0.3% for every 1 pound of pressure drop of all 4 tires. This is an approximate equivalent to 0.10 cents per gallon. Ideally you’ll want to check tire pressure when the tires are cold. Have you ever wondered what is meant by that? A cold tire is one that has not been driven anywhere for approx. 8 hours.

Serpentine Belt Replacement

Serpentine belt replacement as a general rule of thumb should be done around the 50,000 mile mark or as per your vehicle manufactures factory recommended maintenance schedule. The serpentine belt is what drives all of your vehicles accessories like the alternator, water pump, power steering pump, and air conditioning compressor. The serpentine belt is one long belt that gets routed around all the vehicles accessories that are to be driven.

Serpentine Belt Replacement|By The Numbers

To give you an idea of the kind of use a typical serpentine belt is exposed to consider that per 100 thousand miles a typical belt will have rotated well over 325 million engine revolutions which is approximately 80 million complete belt rotations. Knowing these numbers its easy to see why serpentine belt replacement is required at specified intervals. Serpentine belt replacement is an absolute must because this little guy sees some serious action and if it breaks it will leave you stranded because it drives everything on the engine. Clearly, this is one belt you do not want to neglect.

serpentine beltSerpentine Belt Replacement Inspection

The serpentine belt is exposed to a lot of extremes. Hot outside temperatures add to “under the hood temperatures” which in turn adds even more heat to the belt besides the normal rotational friction loads and this causes the serpentine belts to wear. These drive belts also see dirt, road grime, oil, water as well as other environmental contaminates along with wearing pulleys. Here’s a short little informative video on serpentine belt replacement.

All of these factors take their individual tolls on the serpentine belt and sooner or later if serpentine belt replacement is not performed all the individual tolls add up to the big kahuna toll and the serpentine belt will either break or slip excessively causing a whole host of other problems such as overheating and poor operational performance of all the drive accessories. One of the critical components that the serpentine belt drives is the water pump. The water pump circulates antifreeze or engine coolant from the engine to the radiator. If the serpentine belt breaks or even loses tension due to tensioner malfunction or even belt wear this can cause the water pump to not turn or pump the required volume of engine coolant which will in turn cause the engine to run hotter. Heat is the enemy in any internal combustion engine. There’s a chain reaction domino effect that takes place when serpentine belt replacement is neglected all of which is very bad for your vehicle.

Serpentine Belt ReplacementSerpentine belt slippage may not be readily detected by any audible sound such as squealing or chirping. It may not even be detectable by serpentine belt examination. Sometimes it takes a reading the raw process values within the vehicles computer system. The idea is to perform serpentine belt replacement before problems begin. Serpentine belt slippage can also cause hard steering and braking. When performing serpentine belt replacement its a real good idea to have all the rotating pulleys checked for proper operation. Belt tensioners and free wheeling pulleys will wear out. When pulleys lock up tight and the engine is still trying to turn the serpentine belt bad things are going to happen such as destruction of the belt, engine overheating, draining the battery dead and total vehicle shut down, most likely leaving you stranded at the most inopportune time. We know. We’ve seen it happen. Regular serpentine belt replacement along with pulleys and tensioners will keep you happily motoring on down the road.

Regular serpentine belt replacement saves time and money.


Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Auto Air Conditioning Repair Westerville

Auto air conditioning repair in Westerville Ohio by Harris Automotive. We know what its like not having air conditioning in the brutal dead heat of the summer. If your auto air conditioning isn’t working properly give Harris Automotive a call. We are experts in auto air conditioning repair. In the picture below you’ll find a typical Automobile air conditioning system. To effectively troubleshoot and complete an auto air conditioning repair one must fully understand how each component within the air conditioning system functions. Harris Automotive technicians are professionally trained to work on all automotive systems.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair | Self Diagnosis.

All you need to check if your vehicles air conditioning is functioning as it should is to measure the temperature coming out of the vents. Air temperature should be about 15 to 20 degrees lower than outside air temperature. Its pretty simple just use a thermometer to measure the temperature. Of course you’ll feel that the air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly.

Typically the freon leaks out of the system and is the cause for complaints of the air not being cold. It’s a matter of finding the leaks, sealing them up and recharging the system but that said an auto air conditioning repair can be much more complicated. There are other things that can and do go wrong and we run into those as well.  Harris automotive provides expert auto air conditioning repair in westerville ohio and we service the surrounding areas as well.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair | Vehicle Components

The components in a auto air conditioning system that might need repair are the compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant controls. Auto air conditioning repair can involve one or more of these components. The picture below is what a typical Automotive air conditioning system looks like.

Auto air conditioning repair by harris automotive



Brake Repair In Westerville Ohio

brake service westerville Ohio

Brake repair in westerville ohio “simplified” Harris Automotive is the preferred  professional provider of affordable quality brake repair in Westerville Ohio. We service all makes and models of cars, trucks & motorcycles. If it’s motorized and has to stop we service it.

Harris Automotive is known as the most affordable provider of brake repair in Westerville Ohio. We believe that quality service and exceptional value should be delivered in the most cost effective means possible to our customers. Getting brake pads and rotors serviced on your vehicle, car, truck or motorcycle should not be a bank breaking event.

Quality Brake Repair In Westerville Ohio

We’ve been providing brake repair in Westerville Ohio since may of 2011.  Our customers routinely tell us that our prices and level of service are significantly better than other providers in the Westerville, Columbus and surrounding areas. We don’t tell you this here to gloat but rather to encourage you to check it for yourself. Our Facebook page is full of customer testimonials.

Brake Repair In Westerville OhioWe perform a comprehensive inspection on your entire brake system and surrounding components. If we see anything that needs attention we’ll bring it to your attention. We check your brake pads  for excessive wear, rotors for signs of stress cracks  and wear as well as brake calipers, brake lines, wheel cylinders, and proper emergency brake function to name just a few items.

Affordable Brake Repair In Westerville Ohio

Our goals are really very simple and that is to provide affordable brake repair in Westerville Ohio.