15 Oct How and When to Use Your Parking Brake

We all automatically use our car brakes in everyday life, but what about your parking brake? Unlike the front and rear car brakes, this one is most oftentimes used manually. If you live in the lovely area of San Francisco or somewhere with tons of...

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29 Sep Tire-to-dos for the fall season!

Fall has officially begun and October is right around the corner, National Car Care Month. Enjoy the cozy sweater weather and time around the bonfire with a problem-free car. If you don’t normally check your tires each season, it’s never too late to start! Here...

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brake check

22 Sep BRAKE CHECK: 5 Tips to the Best Brake Care!

What is a car without good brakes? Not safe. Keep safety and reliability your top priority with quality brakes and excellent brake maintenance. We at Harris Automotive know what it takes to keep a car up to date with the latest car maintenance care. Here...

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28 Aug Help Your Car Hit at Least 200,000 Miles

Making it to 200K would have been nearly impossible years ago! With all the new car technology and improvements in preventative maintenance care, it is more than possible to go past 200K with no big issues. That is if you take careful care of your...

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23 Aug What to Know About Your Car’s Exhaust!

What is the main purpose of your car’s exhaust, and why is it so important anyway? Your car exhaust keeps your car running efficiently on the road, and it’s a lot more significant than you may think! Many people don’t know this until a key...

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emissions test

11 Aug Why Your Car Needs an Emissions Test

An emissions test is taken to help prevent pollutant emissions from coming from your car engine. Your car engine must be in a certain shape to pass this type of test. Most of the time, if your car is well-taken care of with regular maintenance,...

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02 Aug All about Your Shocks and Struts

Your vehicle’s shocks and struts are key components of the suspension system. Their condition has a great impact on how safe you are on the road. We wanted to highlight how your shocks and struts work, the right time to replace them, signs you need...

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