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31 Jan How to Save on Repairs with a Car Budget

A car payment is already a lot of money to pay every month, along with insurance, car maintenance, and gas. If you are wanting to save money on car repairs/maintenance in your car budget, then keep reading! We want to give you some easy to do tips to help lower costs by simply thinking ahead and being aware of your driving habits. Our team also wants to highlight the deals and coupons you can save with this year when using our automotive repair services. Stop spending more when you can save more by simply changing your car routine and incorporating these tips.

-Stay Ahead of the Car Maintenance Game.

With your car budget, try to think ahead of the game when getting regular maintenance done on your vehicle. Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your car to fix it. This will cost you time and money when you could have avoided it. It’s never too late to start! We suggest coming up with a regular car maintenance checklist of your own and sticking to it every couple of months. Add things like fluid checks, tire rotations, brake pad checks, and more into your checklist. If you need more help with what to check when, ask a trusted mechanic.

-Find a Trusted Mechanic for Your Car Budget.

This may seem unrelated to saving money, but it has everything to do with saving on car repairs! Many mechanics will overcharge for services or change something way too early to make a buck. This is why it’s so important to find a credible mechanic with experience and affordable prices. We suggest talking to trusted people you know and asking them their experience with their mechanics. You are sure to find a trusted mechanic this way, as well as by researching reviews online. Read our recent blog to know more about why you may need a new mechanic.

-Avoid Dealership Service Costs.

Many times, your dealer will offer car repair services after you buy a vehicle from them. There can be perks to going to your dealership, like them knowing your car better than some mechanics. But many times, their pricing is way too high compared to your regular automotive repair shop. Do your research on pricing if you are offered a certain price from your dealership. Never feel like you have to stick to only your dealership’s service to complete your repairs. They may offer it, but it’s not always the smart way to go for your car budget.

-Look Online for All the Discounts/Coupons.

Lastly, find the best deals online with coupons and more. Many automotive repair shops have year-round deals just like we do at Harris Automotive Repair. If you need help paying for your large car repairs or unexpected repairs, apply for our NAPA Easy Pay card today! On purchases of $199 or more, you have the option of up to six months of financing. Find out more here:

We also offer many coupons on our site, including a FREE brake inspection coupon, a FREE battery & alternator test, 10% off any service labor, and much more. Visit one of our shops today with any of your car budget questions or concerns.