Auto air conditioning repair in Westerville Ohio by Harris Automotive. We know what its like not having air conditioning in the brutal dead heat of the summer. If your auto air conditioning isn’t working properly give Harris Automotive a call. We are experts in auto air conditioning repair. In the picture below you’ll find a typical Automobile air conditioning system. To effectively troubleshoot and complete an auto air conditioning repair one must fully understand how each component within the air conditioning system functions. Harris Automotive technicians are professionally trained to work on all automotive systems.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair | Self Diagnosis.

All you need to check if your vehicles air conditioning is functioning as it should is to measure the temperature coming out of the vents. Air temperature should be about 15 to 20 degrees lower than outside air temperature. Its pretty simple just use a thermometer to measure the temperature. Of course you’ll feel that the air conditioner isn’t functioning correctly.

Typically the freon leaks out of the system and is the cause for complaints of the air not being cold. It’s a matter of finding the leaks, sealing them up and recharging the system but that said an auto air conditioning repair can be much more complicated. There are other things that can and do go wrong and we run into those as well.  Harris automotive provides expert auto air conditioning repair in westerville ohio and we service the surrounding areas as well.

Auto Air Conditioning Repair | Vehicle Components

The components in a auto air conditioning system that might need repair are the compressor, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant controls. Auto air conditioning repair can involve one or more of these components. The picture below is what a typical Automotive air conditioning system looks like.